Hand Pollination (人工受粉)

Hand Pollination is a technique usually used for gaining fruits such as cucurbits (Cucumbers, Water melon and so on).


Recently I found a video that I did test of the hand pollination for dragon fruit flower in August 4, 2013.

Yes, again, it's about dragon fruit.....but today I would like to show you how pollination worked so good for my dragon fruit.

If you are interested in getting more dragon fruits, please take a look at my youtube video above.

Early in the morning, August 4th, 2013, for my first time, I did test of hand pollination for two flowers out of four blooming flowers.

I used calligraphy brush to attach male pollen to female stigma. 

August 9, 2013.  There are nine possible fruits which all look the same.   It's hard to tell which fruits I did hand pollination.

August 31, 2013.    It's easy to recognize two bigger fruits which I did hand pollination.   There are two medium size and the rest of fruits stay small.

September 9, 2013.  There seem to be big difference between hand pollinated ones and natural pollinated ones.   Two fruits are gone and there are now seven fruits.

September 10, 2013.  I believe in hand pollination and hope to get more fruits in the future.


By the way, I'll be happy to give you branch of the dragon fruit plant...if you live on this island, please let me know.


Like the lyrics of Heisei Ondo, planting green will contribute to the world peace.



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