What is Enlightenment?

Because I am not a Buddha, I cannot tell you exactly what enlightenment is.   But I can always guess and tell what enlightenment is like.


Yesterday, I thought enlightenment was something like “"Eureka!" (Greek: "εὕρηκα!," meaning "I have found it!"). 


This word is very famous because it is said that Archimedes, an Ancient Greek scientist shouted it when he found a very fundamental law of physics called “Archimedes’ Principle.”   Because he was so excited to find it, they say he jumped out from the bath and started running without wearing clothes.


I don’t think you have experienced running without wearing clothes, but I believe you have experienced “Eureka!” of “I’ve found it.”


Of course, this “Eureka” is an event of only a moment, whereas Enlightenment is for good and all.  I do believe this is the beginning of “Enlightenment.”


My "Eureka!" yesterday, was to find an meaning of decoration of fish in front of the gate of Allerton Garden.  


What does fish mean?


In Asian countries,  "Fish" sometimes represents "Enlightened one" because fish's eyes are always open even when they are sleeping.  But that's not all.


Like legendary fish on the top of the castle, called "Shachihoko",  I thought these  "fish" also represent "plenty of water".....which wish to protect from the fire. 


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