Superduper Interesting Sermon at 10:00 a.m. Tomorrow

Tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. (not 10:30 a.m.), we will have a special service here at Koloa Jodo Mission together with three Jodo Mission Temples in Maui via the Internet (Skype.) 


I will be the speaker.


Actually, I have been thinking which interesting topics should I talk about......and I finally got it something super-duper interesting.


I'm confident that it shall be my answer of the understanding of paradox that I have thought for about 20 years.


The paradox is, “I am a liar.”  


Well, I hope I am not a liar, but I’m talking about the person who says, “I’m a liar.”   


Is he really a liar? 


If it’s so, he may be telling a lie that he is a liar. 


What do you think?  What kind of understanding is possible for "I am a liar" ?


Tomorrow morning, I will be happy talking about it and hope to see you here at Koloa Jodo Mission or at Wailuku Jodo Mission on Maui.


Interesing?   Please, please, please come to the service!




In the past, I tried to answer, maybe a few times, during the Dharma Talk.   But now I’ve gotten it, “a final answer!”  

Once again, I am hoping I am not a liar about superduper interesting sermon.





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