Skype Sermon

It will be a great pleasure to be a Dharma-Talk speaker on this coming Sunday, invited by Rev. John Hara and Maui three Jodo temples which will hold their annual Joint Service.


Because we will use an internet communication service, called "Skype", I'm not going to Maui and have a service here at the same time.   Though we often have an online skype meeting, I'm very excited this will be our very first "Skype Sermon."  


The best merit of "skype sermon" or "online joint service" is, I think,  "saving money."   Our temples can save lots of money for speaker's airfare, transportation, and honorarium.


Another good thing about online sermon is we can have more attendances to the same service.  Attendances at each temple may be small, but if we get together, it might be something.  We can say Hi each other after the service.


Then what is the demerit?  


Interestingly, every merit has its own demerit.  Whenever I think about "Pros" and "Cons", I always use "Imagination."  


For example, "saving money."   "Saving money" is  absolutely merit for the temple, but from the view point of the speaker, this is demerit.  


Because if I go to Maui to be a speaker, I believe I would probably receive not only honorarium but also some air miles from Hawaiian Airlines.  But having a service here at Koloa Jodo Mission, I won't receive them.  


However, I'm never unhappy about this.  Because I know the truth....this possible demerit could be merit, too, because if I didn't go to Maui, I can save lots of time which is for me very important!!!   In addition, I always want our temples not only save money but also to be rich.  The richer our temples become, the longer ministers can serve.  After the long run, temples' gain should be ministers' gain, too.    So I won't need honorarium at this time!  ( I cannot say this every time, though.)


Another demerit is.....maybe....members of Maui cannot eat my Sushi.  Well we cannot eat their good refreshments, too.




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    mo (Friday, 11 October 2013 14:21)


    I trust in your ability to connect. You're a natural teacher.