New Baking Pans

New baking pans were donated by uncle Alan Funamura who is my baking Sensei.  What a surprise.  He kindly gave me not only pans but also lots of cake-cases and a whole cake, too! 

These pans are atually for half-size cake and this means I can make two smaller cakes at a time out of one recipe.   Uncled advised me, "Because they are smaller cakes, baking time is less.  You need to see if it's baked well."     This happened in the end of July and now it's time to bake smaller cakes by using brand-new pans! 

I think the best merit of baking two cakes at a time is that I could give more cakes to more members and guests or I can give one for guests and one for my family so that we know whether it's good or not!  They are so useful!

Anyway, today in the morning, I finally made smaller cakes after baking a regular whole cake.  Baking time for regular was 40 minutes but I baked smaller cakes for 27 minutes. 

I was happy baking cakes but became happier to hear cake was delicious.

Once again, I want to thank my sensei for new pans.

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