Secret of Unique Idea

Since I started this blog, some people commended my uniqueness.  I don't want to be arrogant, but for me, to have a unique idea is not difficult.  




The reason is not because I am smart, but because I I know the secrets how to get a unique idea.   I have been very confident in having a unique idea and one of the secrets I want to share today is “upside-down.”


That is “Think upside-down” and “Do upside-down” 


Needless to say, common sense says “upside is upside” and “down-side is down-side.”  That we call common sense.  But by making upside down, you can not only go beyond the common sense but also get a different viewpoint which could lead uniquness.


So “upside-down” in other words means “to be against the common sense.”  Though it is not always be good, sometimes gets a really bad result, by denying common sense, it should be a very unique.

For example, I planted one of  the brances of dragon fruit on August 31st.  I made sure which side was down.   But at the same time, I had a thought that it might grow even if it's upside down. 

So I just tried.  Do you think it grows?  

Surprisingly, something started to come out from the upside down branch on September 6th.

It's growing!  September 10th.

September 16th.

September 18th.
September 18th.

I really didn't expect this but  I thought "upside down " should be interesting.  You'll never know what will happen.



As of today, this bud is now rotten but I'll see what will happen this plant from time to time.

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