Growing Dragon Fruit

Growing dragon fruit is so easy, simple, and fun.  It was August, 2008 when  Mrs. Asami gave

the Pitaya branch to me.   At that time, I didn't know much about this plant but later I got to enjoy growing the plant.  Now I do love everything about dragon fruit. 


Dragon fruit plant is indeed attractive; its night-blooming flower is so gorgeous and its fruit is sweet and healthy, too.   It can grow in a small plastic container and above all, little care is necessary.  All you need to start growing this plant is;

1. Dragon Fruit branch

2. Soil


You can start growing just by puting the branch in the soil.   All you have to be careful is to know which side is "down" (closer side to the root.)  When Asami-san gave it to me, there was an arrow indicating down on the branch like the picture below.


That's it!!! You just need to wait....In a few years, the flower blooms and dragon fruit is coming after the flower. 

This plant food is actually for Citrus and Avocado, but I happend to find this was very good food for dragon fruit, too.   Believe it or not, after giving this plant food, my dragon fruit plant produced flowers after flowers.    Let's see how they grow...This year, the first flowers bloomed in July 6th and I gave the food plant on July 8th!   Look at tiny buds in the picture below.  

There were at least 12 buds on July 18th.  

July 25th.

July 27th.

On July 28th, the fruit of the first flower which bloomed at the night of Bon Dance was rotten.

July 29th.

July 30th.

August 1st.

August 2nd.

August 4th.

August 4th.

August 9th. 

August 30th.

August 31st.  I rearranged the display of the plants.

September 1st.

September 6th.

September 9th.
September 9th.
September 9th.
September 9th.
September 11th.
September 11th.
Septeber 16th.
Septeber 16th.

It took almost 60 days from the tiny bud to its harvest.  It was actually a little over-ripe but very juicy.


All of a sudden, I became so curious about seeds of the fruit.  What will happen if I sow these seeds?

So I took these seeds out and made them dry.  And....

I sowed seeds on September 17th.  Do you think nothing will happen?   Let's see.


By the way, the following youtube video is blooming dragon fruit flower. 

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    Amy (Thursday, 04 May 2023 17:48)

    Thanks for sharing this information! Just purchased 1 of these, had no idea of name. I thank Google photo lens. Like that you went full cycle ☺️