New Modem

Finally, I got a new modem from Oceanic Time Warner Cable to continue this blog!  Just before discontinuing Hawaiian Telcom, I was able to check Speed Tests to know which provider was faster, Hawaiian Telcom or Oceanic Cable?  They are both standard services.



Hawaiian Telcom.  0.893 Mbps / Download ハワイアンテレコム

Oceanic Time Warner Cable. 1.217 Mbps / Download

Hawaiian Telcom.   0.995Mbps/Download   ハワイアンテレコム。

Oceanic Time Warner Cable. 1.432 Mbps / タイムワーナー。

Hawaiian Telcom.   0.983 Mbps/Download  ハワイアンテレコム

Oceanic Time Warner Cable  1.349 Mbps /Download



These results show Oceanic is faster than Hawaiian Telcom.  However I noticed both of them are not fast, as compared to the test done in March.


Needless to say, the more people, the more cars and the more traffic.  In likemanner,  the more PCs and phones has already caused traffic jam in wireless internet services.....





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