Great Present

Flowers bloomed in the past.

Flowers will bloom in the future.

And flowers are now blooming.


If we can be mindful of looking around us, I believe, we can find blooming flower anytime, anywhere.


Though I missed to take a time-lapse movie of the flowers here, but I was able to see a big flower last night at Kapaa Jodo Mission.


After helping and participating in the Bon Dance, I realized that "Bon Dance" was like a flower that was grown by so many people...not only temple ministers, members and friends, but also people from the community and visitors.   What a gift!

A flower of Bon Dance is so beautiful. 


O-Bon Season here will end with the Toro Nagashi Ceremony tonight.  This ending is, however, another beginning of O-Bon next year. 


I do hope you will find a blooming flower in our Toro Nagashi.


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