A Lovely Wife

I’m not sure if she can be called “lovely” but I’m pretty sure she is a nimble witted wife.  Her quick-wittedness is so sharp that it sometimes take me some time to understand what she means.

The contact name, “A Lovely Wife” on my new phone is one of the examples.  


As soon as I showed my phone to her, she entered her cell phone number with her contact name, “A Lovely Wife.” 


I told her, “Hey, that’s embarrassing.”

But her intention was not “lovely” but “A.” 

By starting “A” and “space”, “A Lovely Wife” always come first in my contact list. So that I don’t need to look for her number, ever.  It’s very convenient.


However, there is one huge demerit of this contact name. 
Because it’s so convenient and I never pushed her cell number, I still don’t know her number!!! I cannot call her cell phone without having this phone!!!

This has made me think, “Convenience” was one of the great products of the modern technology but at the same time, there is a danger that we might lose our abilities….


The more we practice and use our “ability”, the stronger it becomes.   On the other hand, the less we use and
practice our “ability,” the weaker it becomes. 
Driving a car is very convenient, but this means we exercise less and it
might weaken our muscle to walk.


Brain and our mentality such as “mindfulness” are same. We cannot be smarter without using it.  We cannot be mindful without practicing.


Surprisingly,my daughter knew her phone number. I
think this was because she has experienced to write her cell phone numbers on paper to give her friends.  I thought in order to memorize things, an experience of "writing" is very important....athough "typing" is very conveneint.


By the way, my goal of job today is to complete Toro Lanterns!!!

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    Colleen (Sunday, 04 August 2013 19:06)

    What a brilliant wife she is! I love her thinking! And funny you should write this because just a few days ago the hospital called me with some questions and one of them was "contact phone" and I easily gave her my husband's cell number. The nurse said "Wow! You know it? Most people make me wait and have go look it up!" I thought she was just being overly nice and was puzzled at first, but MY smart husband, when I told him the story, said people just use their contact names and don't know the actual number. Yes, technology is certainly changing us in ways we may not realize.