"Buddhism and Sushi" Class Next Sunday!


What day of the week do you like the best?

Is it Friday? Saturday? or Sunday?


My daughter used to ask me on Sundays, “Is it the day of Nanmandabu (chanting Namu Amida Butsu)?” 

And when I said, “yes", She gave out a big sigh….

She didn’t say she didn’t like it but I knew my children didn’t like Sunday because they had to attend to the Sunday Service.

Surprisingly, after the Sunday Service yesterday, my son told me, “Daddy, Arigato ne. I like Sunday.” Though he didn’t mean he liked chanting nor my Dharma talk, I was very glad to hear he has enjoyed playing with friends. Now my children has three friends to play with after the Sunday Service and we have new friends, too.   You’ll never know how happy I am to have
more attendances at the regular service. 
 And because of this happiness, I sincerely wish their time attending to the service needs to worth spending.

Next Sunday, I’m going to offer “Making Sushi Class” right after the service.  This class should be good because you can eat sushi after learning how to roll it and maybe you can bring it home, too.


If you are interested in both Buddhism and Sushi, next Sunday, July 28, 2013, is the best day when you should come to Koloa Jodo Mission.  The service starts at 10:30 a.m.


If you are the first time visitor, please RSVP by calling 742-6735 or email me.....I just need to know how much rice should I cook. 

If you were here yesterday, no RSVP is necessary.  Rather I want to thank you for the idea of this class!!!



These Sushi were made by myself for members and friends of Koloa Jodo Mission.   I just let  you know I can make it for your party, too. 


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