The Grand Tea Master

In commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of Chado Urasenke
Tankokai Kauai Association, the Grand Tea Master of Urasenke Tradition, Dr. Genshitsu Sen XV presented a Sacred Tea Ceremony at Kapaa Hongwanji yesterday.


There were local members, guests, and about 100 members from Urasenke Japan attending to the commemoration service which was officiated by Bishop Eric Matsumoto and Rev. Kazunori Takahashi.


Dr. Genshitsu Sen who is the 15th generation of the Sen no Rikyu family, dedicated two bowls of tea in front of the Buddha. Later he did a speech in Japanese that was very impressive, too.


According to an English speaking MC, one bowl of tea was offered to the predecessors who were gone before us and one for the world peace. Then Dr. Sen started to speak English!  He explained that offering of one bowl of tea was for the celebration of the Urasenke Kauai Association.   Later I knew that he had been studying at University of Hawaii for his master degree when he was young.  No wonder he is friendly. 

I really enjoyed watching Grand Master’s movements during the tea ceremony.   Though I don’t know much about tea ceremony, but I was able to guess his every movement must be according to the rules set by the Urasenke tradition during these 400 years.  This is just like Jodo shu has so many rules regarding the manners….how to move your hand, how to stand up….etc.   These were all set by rules.  Yet, they are beautiful, I think.


After watching a Grand mater's graceful manners, I was able to enjoy thinking the meaning of Japanese culture which was so related to rules.


To members of Chado Urasenke Tankokai Kauai Association, I thank you very much for inviting me to this rare opportunity and I'd like to express my sincere "Omedeto gozaimasu!"






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