Long time no see!!!


Aloha!  It's been ages since I updated this blog.  After visiting Sao Paulo and Maui, I have been hanging around with friends….a great Buddhist teacher, Khenpo and his wife, Ariel who is a great supporter of Buddhism and also a graduate student of Harvard University.


During the time, we spent most of the time for shooting spiritual movie, written and directed by Ariel and I was treated "as a star" every dinner and lunch ....Italian food, Mexican food, Indian food, Chinese food, Local food, American food, Japanese food....It was something like traveling foreign country every day!  I really enjoyed a director says "Which country tonight?"   They took me restaurants I had never been before.  I had spent truly wonderful time with them and we are now like Ohana, a family.  Indeed, I was deeply moved by their kindness that they joined in our membership in order to support our temple!


Filming a movie was completed yesterday when a supermoon rise from east.  Although it was cloudy at west Kaua'i, I did enjoy taking photos of supermoon at one of the most beautiful places on Kauai.  It was incredible beautiful and unforgettable event.


Now they are back to Boston and for me, it's time to get back to my job... Especially O-Bon is just around the corner, I will work super-hard for our temple.







Interestingly, my smallest water lilies bloomed first time one by one yesterday and today...maybe because of a super full moon.

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