Quiz: What is this for?

I am always busy like the saying, no rest for the wicked, but during these past weeks, I have been extra busy.    This means I did have some events I should write, but I didn't have time to make posts.  Today's quiz is one of them. 


Please look at the picture above and guess what is this for?  This was brought by Uncle Mo, last Sunday.

Hint1?:  I painted black.












































Hint2:  Attached this to the pillar.






































The answer is..............

(Thank you so much for moving cursor down.)
































This is a support(prop) for the Nobori Streamer.    Not so long ago, I asked uncle Mo for his advice about how to install steamers easily and disattach them easily.   His answer was all in the box.

He measurerd length of the poles and bought and cut pipes...prepared everything with a tool, too.   This was truly great idea and the things Mo prepared for me was like an easy installing kits!  I was very grateful for his skills of carpentry and thoughtfulness. 

Great idea to put a pole inside.
Great idea to put a pole inside.

Once again, thank you very much!!!   Now temple looks better.

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    Mr. M (Sunday, 26 May 2013 22:04)

    I guessed what was in the box!

    I'm glad that it worked, and that you had fun, because I know you love to be busy. The flags look great and I think welcoming. Who knows who will show up at the doorstep of your Temple? You lead an exciting life.
    Safe travels to you and your family. We will miss you!


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    Kosen (Wednesday, 29 May 2013 09:22)

    Thank you very much for your comments, uncle M.
    I guessed your guess was right, but I didn't guess you would give me an impact driver, too!
    Thank you so much, again.
    It was indeed a surprise gift to have everything in the box. Gassho