Life is not all fun

One of my blog themes is "happy life."  I like writing about my small happiness and the way to realize that happiness.  However, I'm not always so happy..... there are both good days and bad days, which we call "Life."   The followings are my recent bad days.


First, my favorite cell phone was all wet at Nualolo kai and then never worked....I was so schocked to break a die-hard phone...I dropped it many times but it was never broken for 7 years.  Now I have to look for a new phone.  Smart phone?  I want something strong and hopefully cheap one.

Next, our washing machine....It has been out of order for 10 days. The service man from Sears finally came yesterday, but he found the machine had a rare trouble which would cost $400....Uncle Alvin says he is going to order parts and can fix it later.  I am thankful that I can use his washing machine during the time, but I realized how grateful to have a washing machine at home.


Then, another bad event happened this afternoon.  My recovered PC didn't start.   It kept trying to start for hours, but it never go...

and all of a sudden, it had no reaction.  It made some noise from fan, but it never started....Life is not all fun, yet we have to keep going.   I do hope tomorrow is a good day!











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