Mahalo x 10,000

The blog-parts to count viewers of this website have reached 10,000 since I launched in December 2012.  This doesn't mean 10,000 people visited here, but total numbers of pages viwed by visitors have reached 10,000 (it's called PV or Page View.) 


As compare to what I'd like to tell or share, numbers are not so important.  But this number actually surprised me, because it took about 2 years to reach 10,000 pv since I started my Youtube channel.  So I am simply happy to have many PV at this time and I'd like to thank you very much for coming to ....and  Mahalo x 10,000 times!


Now I have a question for you.....Rather, I'd like to hear your comments if possible....What do you most popular article-post on this website?  


Or Which article do you like the best?  or which article can you recommend people?


Once again, I thank you so very much for your support.









                   マハロ、コロア浄土院 石川広宣




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