Today, I have a quiz (question) for you....if you have time, please try.  If you don't have time, please ignore it.


OK. Let's suppose....last week, you bought a PC at Cosxxx. It cost $900. And then, this week, you happened to find the same product was on sale at the same store.  It cost $850.  What will you do?


1.   Never mind.

2.   Regret

3.   Speak ill of Cosxxx.

4.   Return the product and buy the same product again.

5.   Other


As a minister, I think I'd better choose No.1 but my answer used to be No. 4. I used to return the product when I felt dissatisfied with the price, which was allowed by its return policy here, as you know.


And then four years ago, I knew that there was a way to get refund of difference without returning the product.   All you need is a receipt.  You bring your receipt to the customer's service, claiming that the product you bought last week was on sale and ask any refund.  Then they will give you a refund of the difference.  This is called "balance adjustment."


To me, it was really unbelievable when I knew this "balance adjustment."  But it worked when I bought my PC at Cosxxx in 2009. It was $900. And then next week, the same product was on sale which cost $850.....I was able to get refund of $50 by balance adjustment and I'm still using this PC.


I wonder which answer did you choose.  If your answer was No.2 or No.3, my recommendation is definitely No. 5...Balance Adjustment.   Though you might feel shy, but you can get refund rightly. 


By the way, when I was in Japan, my answer was either No.1 or No.2.  Because in Japan, nobody cannot return the purchased product except some exceptions, all one can do is either "mind" or "never mind."   If that is the case, I try to choose "Never mind."



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