What is Photography ? (3)

My English teacher in Japan was very fluent in English. He had been abroad to study English and had experience as well as knowledge.   One of the interesting things he introduced was American way of subtraction, especially calculation of change at store.  After many years, I knew it was true in Hawaii.  People tend to "add numbers" instead of "subtract numbers."  


For example, when you buy $3.00 product at store and you pay $10.   The person at register add numbers of change to $3.00 until the total will be equaled to the $10 you paid.  This means, the calculation of 10- 3 = 7, is calculated as 3 + 7 = 10.   I thought this was very interesting because subtraction and addition in essence can be the same.   What is different is your viewpoint.


In like manner, photography is not only "subtraction" but also "addition."

The following pictures are results of my additions.   I have added "mist" to water lily.  You don't need to wait rain or dew drop but you can add whatever you can to your picture....I think that's photography, too.


Especially with advanced digital technology nowadays, I can say photography is much more addition.

You can add "Contrast."

You can add "sharpness."

You can add "saturation"

and so on and on.....

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