My personal car has just been fixed by our members and friends. I'd like to thank our president Alvin Akimoto, uncle Edwin, uncle Joe, and uncle Shuji who spent so much time and energy for fixing the car.


My intention was just to ask them where is a good place to fix.  But they kindly started to investigate the problem in the beginning of March and found out it had a transmission problem and a few more problems which could cost several thousands dollars at the repair shop.


While working, uncle Alvin said, all I need to pay is beer for him. It sounds like joke, but it's always true. This was not my first time.  Every time I asked uncle Alvin to fix the car, washing machine, dryer, toilet, gas range, and so on and on, they were able to fix almost everything... with beers.


This time I was ready to pay the cost of parts since I knew they were not cheap.  But at the board meeting, it was approved that Koloa Jodo Mission was going to pay for all the material for my personal car.  All the labor was volunteer.


I didn't cry at the meeting but it deeply touched my heart.  I believe, members knew everything I do here is for the temple.  And I actually used my car for the services outside because its fuel efficiency is better than temple car, which could save our temple money.   Anyway, I'd like to extend my sincerest appreciation to all the members for paying the expensive parts.

Last but not least, I am also grateful to uncle Wally Akimoto in San Diego who is Alvin's brother. He kindly shipped the heavy transfer case here.  I'm going to buy some additional beer for him, too, when he comes to Koloa.




The problem started with funny sounds from bearing.
The problem started with funny sounds from bearing.
This transfer case was replaced.  It was heavy.
This transfer case was replaced. It was heavy.

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