This flower is called "Celosia (pron.: /sˈlʃiə/).  Because it looks like wool material, it is commonly called "woolflower," too.


In Japan, this flower is known as  "Keitou (鶏頭)" , meaning "Chicken's head,"  Interestingly, it is called "Rooster Comb" in Spain and here in the US,  it is called "Cockscomb." 


This flower is said to be good for medecine and its leaf is also good food like spinach.  Honestly speaking, however, I don't have courage to eat this plant yet, but if you are interested in having this plant, please let me know.  I'll be very happy to give you this plant.   They are now growing everywhere here like weeds.

My wife got an idea of offering this flower to Buddha when she saw them together with the temple building.    As celosia originally means "burning," it does look like flame of fire which could represent compassion and wisdom in Buddhism.

Offering of Celosia
Offering of Celosia

When you plant this Celosia, please be careful one thing.   You have to know...this flower has so many tiny flowers which produce countless seeds in the future.  Once again, it grows like a weed.

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