"Are you a Japanese actor?"


Last August, I was asked by a stranger who was working at US custom at Honolulu Airport.  My answer was,


"How did you know?"  I was so surprised.


I meant I was a SAG background actor so-called extra, but he was pretty confident and said,


 "Your father was a famous actor, right?"


He continued to say,


"You look like "Zatouichi."

Then I knew he meant it was "Shintaro Katsu." 


Interestingly, I was told several times in the past.... Mr. Shintaro Katsu and I were just alike.   And I couldn't disagree with them when I watched his movies.   

My children believed I was in Japanese old movie when they saw him, too.

Anyway, I was very glad he let me go at the custom when I told him I was a minister and sometimes an extra actor, too.


Speaking of actor, all the hollywood actors I met at shooting sites were friendly and kind. 

One of them was my friend, Mr. Jack Black.


It was July 2007 when I first met him here on Kauai.

It was Jack Black who contacted me first, during the lunch time.  


"Hi, I'm Jack!"


He offered me shaking hands and said "nice to meet you."

And I replied,


 "Nice to meet you, too."

I thought he was one of the extras.  I had a strong hollywood star would not introduce himself.


But later on, I was very surprised that he was having lunch with Ben Stiller!!! 


Then I realized he was "Jack Black."


This was a beginning of funny a Buddhist minister got acquainted with a hollywood star.


Unbelievable?   I shall say, "This is America."


Interesting?  Not interesting?


I think I'm going to continue this story at my next service here on Sunday, April 14.   Hope to see you here.



Shintaro Katsu, Zatoichi
Shintaro Katsu, Zatoichi

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