The 1st Minister of Wailuku Jodo Mission

This picture is about 99 years old.   It was taken when Rev. Shinko Uchiyama (center) was leaving for Hawaii for the missionary.   I didn't know which temple Rev. Uchiyama had served in Hawaii, but I found out he was the first minister of Wailuku Jodo Mission in Maui.  


I have this picture because my great-grandfather was on the same picture (the 4th person from left), too.  According to my father,  Rev. Uchiyama was also my grandfather's Master, too, after my great-grandfather's death.   He had a priest name, Ryukou, after Rev. Uchiyama.  I've known almost nothing about my ancestors but I'm very glad to find my missinoary roots in this picture. 


Unfortunately, Rev. Uchiyama couldn't stay longer in Hawaii.  In 1915, he had to return to Japan because his home temple was burned by fire.   When I think of this fact, it is not difficult to imagine how shocked and how sad he was.  He must had some regret or resentment.  But his missionary spirits was not over.  It was taken over from person to person, generation to generation and next year, Wailuku Jodo Mission is going to celebrate its 100th Anniversary.  


 As a great-grand student of Rev. Shinko Uchiyama, I do hope I could join in their celebration.  At the same time, I'll pay my speical respect and appreciation to my great-grand Sensei.


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