Picture of "Pureness"

This is one of my favorite photos since last December. Until recently, I never thought I took this picture, because I was there, too, in the picture.  I thought "timer" did take this picture. But after shooting comet PANSTARRS by which I used timer instead of shutter release, I realized that I was the one who took this picture because I set timer on and pressed shutter button!



I love this picture because it amazingly captured children's pureness or purity.  We tend to imagine their happy and smiling faces when we think of pure and innocent children, but purity doesn't always mean they are smiling or happy.   They are sometimes sad, mad, irritated, and frown.  They are very honest about their feelings ,which we should call "pure."   So they are pure about sadness, pure about their anger, pure about disappointment.


So please take a look at frown faces of children, whereas adults are smiling toward unexpected motion by the little girl.  I thought this picture captured "Pureness."   Do you know why children look so frown?   Is it just happening?    Maybe yes, but I have enjoyed thinking this way.....


I thought children were frown because they were always told "Don't move when taking a photo."   I understand they are consciously trying to follow what parents said and they can show their smiles when they are ready.   But unconsciously, they don't want to follow parents.   They like moving!  


So, as soon as a little younger girl started to move, children's consciousness were all reset or maybe gone.   Not only children but also adults forgot picture-taking were on-going.  We all became very attentive to the little girl's move and children completely forgot how to prepare for smiles.


Interestingly, my daughter looked like praying as if saying.."I don't want a picture-taking.  please finish it as soon as possible."   My boy seemed to say to himself. "Hey little girl, you should not move.  We have to do it again if you move."     Of course, they didn't say anything, but because of purity of children, they couldn't hide what they thought.....That's my guess.




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