Green Tea and Coffee Reduce Stroke Risk


15.03.2013, 12:40
循環器への効用については、血液の凝固を妨げることによるとされている。 リアノーボスチ
引用元: VOR ロシアの声.

This morning, I happened to read an interesting news about Coffee and Tea from the website of Voice of Russia


It was introducing Green Tea and Coffee may reduce the possibility of the risk of stroke by 15 % to 20%, according to the Japanese Scholars who did large-scale sutdy (over 80,000 adults.)  


"Scientists aren't sure why green tea and coffee lower stroke risk, but they believe a compound in green tea called catechins, an antioxidant with an anti-inflammatory, may play a role. Coffee benefits may be due to a chemical called chlorogenic acid, which lowers the chances of developing Type 2 diabetes and as a results cuts stroke risk."  (CBS)


For more information, please check CBS NEWS.







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