It's been two days since I reinstalled the operating system of my Dell PC, using by Image Recovery.   It was so easy.  It took only 15 minutes for the computer to be back to the original factory condition.  But I never imagined that it would take much more time to reinstall and update the various software such as Microsoft office, internet browser and so on!   Actually, it has taken total of two days to recover everything I had.  This means, there has been countless updates made for better functional and security purpose since I bought it in 2009.   


Before restoring, I was not so sure if I needed to reset the system since it didn't have serious problems.  The system was slow and not reliable sometimes.  Some people say reinstallation of OS should be the last thing to do.

But now, I believe resetting was a right decision.  My PC is just like a brand-new computer and it was for free!   I had a good reset by system recovery.


Needless to say, we, human being, cannot reset our lives like computer.  We have to keep living and going even if we get sickness or injury.   Sometimes we get sadness, disappointment or depression but we have to keep living since we cannot restart or undo the causes in the past.  Then how can we get recovery from the bad situations?  How can we feel better?


I think a concept of "New" might be helpful.  It will give us opportunities that we can reset.   For example, a new year.   In asian countries, new year is regarded such a huge celebration.  Realization of new year can make us believe that all the bad events ended and new good events are going to happen.  Everything is new in the new year and everything you do is new, too, in the new year.   This way, we can reset.  I think, "Birthday""Anniversary" and "Holidays" are the same.  They have the same role or purpose as a new year have.


Well, it's already we have to wait another new year or holidays or birthday to reset our feeling?   Buddhism teaches us that every day and every moment is new.  We don't need to wait for future.  We don't need to travel far away.  We can reset our mind here and now....whenver we realize this is a precious moment.


I needed to repeat installing, updating and restarting the system many times.
I needed to repeat installing, updating and restarting the system many times.

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