Never Give Up

I finally got it!!!!

It took me 5 season-years to get these series of breaching images of the humpback whale.  The hours I spent for getting these images are....I cannot tell you...but many many hours.  If you'd visit my flickr-site here, you'll know how much energey I spent for taking far...these are only part of huge numbers of pictures.  I sometimes think if I were able to spend all my energy for studying, then I might be somehing...I'm just kidding.


I was able to take these amazing pictures, I think, because I never gave up.  I believed there must be better image of the whale at the next moment.  I was just patient and waited "the moment"   At the same time, it was very important for me that I was never sartisfied with the past pictures of the breachings.   

Improvement or Sartisfaction?
Improvement or Sartisfaction?

This picture was taken about 20 minutes before I took the sereies of breaching-pictures above.  Actually when I took this picture, I though I got it!   But soon I was not sartisfied with it.  If I were sartisfied with this picture, I could never be able to get the better pictures. 


Buddhism actually teaches us to give up and to know your sartisfaction is very important.  I think this is very true.  Sooner or later, you have to give up many things.  But if you think you are young no matter how old, you should never give up.   The spirits of "never give up" needs patience and sometimes suffering, but there could always be "improvement."   On the other hand, spirits of "Sartisfaction" make you happy, but there is no improvement...just my thoughts.


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