How grateful we can recycle!

I've almost done cleaning my office.   It took me much more time than I expected but it was definetely worth doing it.  Now I can walk and maybe dance, too, in the room.  And of course, I can write something for this blog.


During the time of cleaning, I went to Poipu two times and Lihue to bring some paper and plastics for the recycling bin. Though more and more people here on Kauai are making efforts for our environment, but we need much more efforts for recycling while we have a choice. 


As you know, right now,  we can throw almost anything without sorting waste, because landfills are ongoing.  But how about future?  We tend to get more waste and less land is available sooner or later.  


In Japan, waste sorting is a must-do, except a few cities such as Yokohama City.   People have to sort as many as 34 kinds of waste and people have to pay big bucks in order to throw some kind of products such as old TV. 


Last time I went back to my hometown, I had an impression that I couldn't throw trash at my own will.  Mondays, they pick up paper, Tuesdays, they pick up plastic, Wednesday, they pick up something you can burn, Thursdays, they pick up something you cannot burn, Fridays, they pick up bottles and cans. 


What an unconvenient life!  Japanese people did lose a choice to recycle.  Recycling is now a must-do and they need tremendous efforts just to follow the guidline by the city.


I know my efforts as an individual to recycle material is almost nothing, but there is a huge difference between "You can recycle" and "You must recycle."  I am doing this because I have a choice!  I'm hoping more and more people would realize that we are lucky that we can recycle.


By the way, there is an interesting fact about recycle bin which has slots at both sides.  When one slot is almost full, in many cases, the opposite side's slot is not so full.   This means many people tend to stick to the only one slot and they don't check the opposite side... This is like Enlightenment is not on this shore but on the other shore!



When one slot is almost full, check the other side.
When one slot is almost full, check the other side.
This side slot has more room.
This side slot has more room.

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