This is my office at temple. I think almost all members have never seen this room and besides of my family, no one has been here since last Bon Dance.  Many of you might think, "Oh, Sensei is going to start cleaning the room."   But this is not true.  This picture is "Day 3" since I started to clean the room.  It was indeed hard to walk here before cleaning and my wife sometimes call this room, "Jungle."


The reasons why it has become like a jungle, are;


1. I love spending my energy for cleaning the place where people can see but I tend to save my energy for cleaning the place where people cannot see.   Currently, I'm the only one who uses this room.

2. I keep almost everything. Especially I never throw letters and cards away, this means I have kept all the letters I received for over 15 years!  



So, currently, cleaning is on-going but progress is not so good......because I do some other jobs at the same time and among all, it's not so uncomfortable being in the "Jungle!"


Well, I should stop writing this blog since I have to go to take a newlyweds from Japan to the sightseeing.  Since I don't have time to stay here, I will chant nembutsu while moving in the car! 

Namu Amida Bu, Namu Amida Bu, Namu Amida Bu....


May the blessing of Amida Buddha be with you today.



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