A Big Mahalo!

What a blessing and timing!  We just decided to fix the roof of the temple building and on the same day, we received a donation of $5,000 from the Significance Foundation -Donald and Joann Kawane Family Charitable Fund.  I was so glad that I immediately sent an email to thank Dr. and Mrs. Kawane who kindly arranged to make this happened.  My feeling of appreciation was sincerely a big



But this afternoon, I realized that I should be very careful to express my feeling of mahalo because this expression of big mahalo looked too big.

It sounded like...

The bigger money you donate,

The bigger Mahalo I express like ..


Mahalo...$5 Donation

Mahalo......$20 Donation

Mahalo... $50





But this is not true.

So, I want you to know my feeling of mahalo is always big,


even if it were just expressed as "Mahalo."


Because I knew it was not easy to earn money

ever since I started to work a part-time job at the age of 16,

I knew how precious money was.

And because I am mindful of value of one dollar,

I can proudly say I'm saving penny in my everyday life,

which I'll be talking about, in the future at this blog.


Anyway what I want to say at this time, is, again, a big


to Dr. and Mrs. Kawane and, to you, too, for supporting us,  for reading this blog and I will be thankful for any donation in the future, especially for reroofing.


And if you didn't receive my big,


I'd like to apologize,


I'm sorry.



I'm lazy thank-you letter writer.  I'm pretty belated.   But I'm surely thanking you and will send you a big,


in the future. (I'm working right now.)


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