Early Bird

When I go to Oahu, I usually get up very early (like 3:00) in the morning and go to shopping at my favorite Japanese Grocery Store ,Don Quijote which opens for 24 hours. The reasons why I go there early are;


1. I can park a car easily.

2. I can concentrate on viewing the products without seeing many people.

3. No line at cashier.


Since I know this store is very busy daytime, they usually have long lines at cashiers. But at early morning, they don't have any line and I can buy things without waiting. So I believe shopping in the early morning can save some time and getting up early in the morning is advantageous.


As far as I know, in English, there are two sayings to tell us getting up early in the morning is very beneficial;


1. The early birds catches the worm.

2. The cow that's first up, gets the first of the dew.


It is interesting that English expressions are talking about animals, not human being. I assume they came to know getting up early in the morning was good from observation of animals' behaviors.


On the other hands, there are also a few Japanese sayings to emphasize getting up early in the morning is good.


1. Haya Oki wa San-mon no toku (Getting up early in the morning will get extra three pennies).

2. Haya Oki Sen-Ryo (Getting up early in the morning is worth thousands of dollar).


Interestingly, these Japanese sayings are talking about money!!! Japanese people relate importance of getting up early in the morning to getting some money. As my experience as a very early bird, I believe early birds can always get something good....What do you think?


This time, I enjoyed spending good morning time on Oahu. I went to Don Quijote for shopping, Magic Island for walking, citylights and Kakaako for taking pictures!



Today's Japanese Words

Haya (早)=Early

Oki(起き)=To get up



Mon(文)= Old Japanese Currency Unit, very small unit like penny

no(の)=appostrophe +s

Toku(徳)=Merit, Virtue, benevolence



Haya (早)=Early

Oki(起き)=To get up


Ryo(両)=Old Japanese Currency Unit, usually indicates big money




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