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Weeds are now everywhere, because of rainny days.
Weeds are now everywhere, because of rainny days.

It has been four days since I updated my blog last time.   While staying in Honolulu, I had a feeling that I wanted to update my blog.   However, I couldn't even check websites, because I didn't have an internet connection outside of the Jodo Mission temple.  


Every time I go to trip, I want to have a smart phone! But when I get back to Kauai, I can conclude "No need".  I know smart phone is very convenient, but it could potencially make me busy like updating a website or checking email anytime.  I'm trying to be positive.   Thanks to no smart phone, I was able to enjoy my vacation.


Now I see lots of emails that I'd like to say Mahalo.  Especially, I'd like to thank Rev. John Hara who kindly addressed members on Maui to visit this website through facebook.  Thank you so much for lots of "LIKE".   I notice the numbers of LIKE is 25!


Yesterday, I spent half day for lawn-mowing and this afternoon, I'd like to spend some more time for removing weeds.   I actually love cleaning the garden, maybe more than anything.  I could spend all day long for the gardening. The reason why I love this job is because I can see improvement easily. The more you pick up trash, the cleaner it becomes.  The more you spend energy and time for the garden, the more beautiful it becomes.   You can see the improvement at a glance.    


In English, there is an expression "Spring Cleaning" which indicates that people clean up in Spring in order to welcome spring.   But in Japan, we do major cleaning at the year-end in December.  This is called, "Nenmatsu (Year-End) Oo Souji (Major Cleaning)"  which is very very imporant in order to welcome a New Year.


Though I'm planning to do year-end cleaning by my family,  help is alwasy welcome.  Because cleaning is just like no-ending.  There is always something to clean up.   The more people clean the temple,  the more beautiful, it can be.   And I believe my mind and your mind can be beautiful after the Nenmatsu-OoSouji.




Today's Japanese Words


Nenmatsu-OoSouji(年末大掃除)Year-End Cleaning

Nenmatsu (年末)Year-End

Oo(大) Major or Big


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