Reindeer Rap

Very recently, I enjoyed listening to a funny lovely song called "Reindeer Rap" at Koloa School.  I was actually very shocked, when I first heard the words, "Without us, Santa is nothing."  

AS you know, "us" means reindeers who think it's not fair only Santa gets credit; Reindeers makes Santa look better,

Reindeers spends much energy and time to move Santa (who is gaining his weight everyyear )to everywhere,

but reindeers usually don't get credit!


So they complain this and that,

repeat "Santa is nothin', without us"

but they realize they are saying too much,

and so they conclude the song,

"With us, Santa is Something."


I actually didn't know this song and its background,

who, when and where this song was born,

but I loved this song very much.

What do you see in this song?


I see the teaching of Buddha in this lyrics.

It's a great teaching of interdependence that we are interdependent each other and everything is related each other.

It reminded me of a beautiful Japanese saying;


"If you think this blooming flower is beautiful,

you have to know its beauty camre from its roots."

  Yes, flower cannot be blooming, without water, soil, sun and much much more. 


In like manner, it's good to know reindeer's hard-working,

when you think Santa is great.  He is great because of reindeers and many other things.


After the concert, my smart wife told me,

"Do you think you made this website by yourself?

  Do you really show your appreciation to your members?

Without members, you (Sensei) are nothing."


I was truly moved to hear these words from my wife,

because it's so true. 

I thank her for giving me idea of this hidden meaning of this song, again, again and again.

And you know what I thank her?


"Without you (my wife), I am nothing.

With you, maybe I can be something.

With members, I can be something, too."


I appreciate your continued support.

Happy Holidays!




This is a true story.  I promised my wife that I will use this story for my minister's message on the next issue.

and you know what she says, "She really look forward to seeing the christmast present this year!".....

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    p.p.s. (Wednesday, 09 January 2013 03:29)

    Please say thank you to Santa for me?

    From the biggest fan of you.