This picture is a part of Sushi I made this morning.  I didn't count how many times a year I made Sushi this year.  Instead,  I'm trying to take pictures of sushi for my record.


In Japanese, there is a word called "Omake".   "Omake" means "goodwill extra gift" or "bonus".  This is like "BOGOF (Buy one get one free)" in the United States.  Japanese people actually love this Omake.  They like both giving and receiving "Omake" in everyday life. 


What I'm trying to do is to offer this "Omake" here at Koloa Jodo Mission.  If you come to the service, you will get something new.  If you come to the temple, you'll see new and old friends.  If you come to the special service, you will get "Sushi".


Interestingly, "Omake" is sometimes called "Service" in Japanese.  In Japan, "service" doesn't mean "prayer". Therefore "morning service" in Japan doesn't mean "morning prayer".  It means "Special Breakfast"!!!   I think this "Service" comes from the meaning "serving customer better".   Thus,  what I'm trying is to offer good "SERVICE" in many ways.


I think, the day after tomorrow which is Sunday, I'll be making sushi again, because I expect some friends attending the service. 












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